Hi, I am Sneha, mother to a beautiful princess and married to a wonderful person Mithu Suresh who is my backbone and my support system to face all hard times . I am from “God own country” Kerala which is mother to different types of traditional delicacies.

I am a foodaholic who loves cooking for my family and has watched my mom and grandma prepare some of the most delicious Indian food in their kitchen.I have picked up some tips along the journey as a food lover.

Thanks to our grandma and mom who continue to sustain and nourish our rich culinary culture.As I believe,it is our responsibility to respect and preserve our Indian culinary traditions that have been given to us and pass it on to next generation.

My blog Mother’s kitchen is a humble attempt of sharing my passion of showcasing traditional Indian food.

Enjoy the recipe cooked with love and the joy of sharing.

Thanks for visiting “Mother’s kitchen”.